Muckross Wild Irish Gin Glasses


The perfect addition to your Muckross Wild Irish Gin collection.

A premium gin glass with beautifully detailed letters & logo – the perfect way to serve your Muckross Wild Irish Gin & Tonic.

Made from exceptional quality shatterproof glass, you will really enjoy drinking from this glass.

Our custom glasses are a great finishing touch to your drinking experience.

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Our Gin Glasses are the perfect addition to your Muckross Wild Irish Gin collection.

The large bowl-like shape design of our stemless glasses allows for ample room to accommodate a generous amount of ice, garnishes, and botanicals, enhancing the visual appeal and flavour infusion of your G&T. This design also helps to concentrate the aromas, capturing the intricate botanical notes of the gin and elevating the overall drinking experience. The wide mouth also allows for effortless swirling and gentle agitation, helping to release the aromatic compounds and flavours of our gin. Lastly, these glasses provide an elegant and sophisticated presentation, adding a touch of class and authenticity to your gin and tonic enjoyment.

You can purchase our premium stemless Copa De Balon style gin glasses, which feature beautifully detailed letters and logo, with either blue or gold styling based on your preference. Made from high quality shatterproof glass, they are also dishwasher safe and are the perfect way to serve your Muckross Wild Irish Gin & Tonic.

Why not upgrade your purchase to our Muckross Wild Irish Gin Gift Set which includes a 70cl bottle of our signature Irish Gin and two glasses, all presented in a beautifully designed gift box?


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Glass Design

Stemless Copa de Balón

Glass Type


Glass Volume

470ml | 47cl | 16.5oz


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