Muckross Wild Irish Gin miniature alcohol bottles Ireland ideal for Wedding Favours

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Muckross Irish Gin Miniature Alcohol Bottles

Muckross Wild Irish Gin miniature alcohol bottles Ireland ideal for Wedding Favours

Muckross Wild Irish Gin 70cl


(22 customer reviews)

A classic Irish gin inspired by one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland – Killarney National Park, County Kerry.

Infused with our blend of #perfect10 botanicals including Hawthorn, Heather, Rosehip and Blackthorn. Our flavour profile is refreshingly rounded with notes of grapefruit adding a delicious citrus back-note to the bitter orange.

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Introducing Muckross Wild Irish Gin, an exceptional blend of botanicals meticulously crafted for the discerning enthusiast. Elevate your senses with this artisanal spirit, expertly distilled in the heart of Ireland. Immerse yourself in a captivating symphony of flavours, delicately balanced for an incredible experience. Indulge in the smoothness of this crystal-clear liquid, rich with botanical essence, and unlock a world of drinking possibilities. Discover perfection with Muckross—it’s your passport to the indcredible taste of Killarney National Park.

Infused with our unique blend of #perfect10 botanicals, including Hawthorn, Heather, Rosehip, and Blackthorn, Muckross Wild Irish Gin offers a refreshingly rounded flavour profile giving you a real taste of Killarney. The notes of grapefruit add a delightful citrus undertone to the subtle hint of bitter orange.

The harmonious fusion of our Killarney-inspired and more traditional botanicals creates a distinctive gin taste that promises a new drinking experience. For the signature serve, we recommend pairing it with premium tonic water, such as Poacher’s, and garnishing it with a lime wheel and a sprig of rosemary.

Drinks enthusiasts agree that we rank amongst the best gin in Ireland—we’re truly wild by nature. Don’t just take our word for it; explore some of the glowing reviews we’ve received from our customers.

Why not enhance your entire experience by adding our custom stemless Copa De Balon-style gin glasses to your order? And if you’re searching for the ideal gift, our gin gift set comes highly recommended, it’s great for all occasions.

Once you are finished enjoying our award-winning Irish gin, you can always upcycle or repurpose our beautiful award-winning gin bottle.

Don’t forget to leave a review if you think we’re one of the best gins in Ireland.

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Weight 1,5 kg



Juniper | Coriander | Rosemary | Bitter Orange | Grapefruit | Rose-hip | Blackthorn | Angelica | Heather | Hawthorn



Suitable for

Gluten Free, Vegans, Vegetarians

Tasting Notes

Refreshingly rounded with notes of Grapefruit adding a delicious Citrus back-note to the Bitter Orange. Our botanicals blend effortlessly together to give it a unique taste profile.


20 units (IE) | 28 units (UK)


700ml | 70cl

22 reviews for Muckross Wild Irish Gin 70cl

  1. Alex

    I picked up a bottle on hols in Killarney and then picked up two more before I left to bring home to Dublin! It’s floral and refreshing and I loved the citrus note. Hope to see it in lots of Dublin shops soon so I can stock up.

  2. Aisling O’Shea

    Bought this gin recently and the only way to put it is that it’s the nicest gin I’ve ever tasted.
    SO recommend it 🙂

  3. Emily G

    My new favourite gin! Loved this when I tried it in Killarney recently! Definitely recommend!

  4. Katie Foley

    I first tried this in one of the bars in Killarney and I absolutely loved it. Bought a bottle here to have for BBQs at home, I’ll be buying another bottle soon 😃

  5. Tina Burns

    I’m not a gin expert, all I can say is Muckross gin is delicious. The bottle sold it for me at first but was delighted it tasted so good. Really refreshing and would make a lovely gift.

  6. Caitlín (verified owner)

    My new favourite gin from my favourite county. Try the Muckross Wild 75, it’s a treat.

  7. Irene Ryan

    So delicious! Just lovely and refreshing! I was gifted a bottle by a friend and it’s become a staple – best gin in a saturated market!

  8. Tina Ni Dubhthaigh

    This gin is absolutely fantastic, we tried it recently in Killarney and took a couple of bottles home with us. The flavour profile is not too overpowering, it’s quite a mellow and unique gin and would be great for gin newbies . Would definitely recommend to others.

  9. Michelle G

    Absolutely love this gin. Tried it recently in the Treehouse Bar & Restaurant in Muff for the first time and have now purchased my own bottle. It has a nice mellow flavour that works well with the suggested lime and rosemary garnish. Totally recommended to all gin lovers.

  10. Jenny Watson

    I first tried Muckross Irish Gin whilst on holiday in Killarney, it’s a really smooth gin. It goes down very easy, it has a nice mellow flavour which is very appealing and moreish.

  11. Louise Masterson

    Just finished a weekend break at the Cahernane Hotel in Killarney where this gin was the house pour. Enjoyed it so much that we picked up a bottle to take home to Galway! Sláinte! 😃

  12. Rosie Kennedy

    We’re currently in Killarney on holiday and have just tried this great gin at JM Reidys bar. It’s wicked awesome. Gonna pick some up for the folks back home in Boston. Happy 4th July y’all. 🇺🇲 🍀🇮🇪

  13. Brid O’Mahony

    I am not a regular gin drinker, but I’ve tried several Irish gins this year. Bought this one because I’ve been to Killarney and visited the national park and loved it there. For me, this is the best gin I’ve tried (so smooth and moreish!). And if you get a chance to visit Killarney, Ireland, I highly recommend it as well! Stunning location and a fantastic little town.

  14. Finola McSherry

    This gin is absolutely delicious , I tried it for the first time in Killarney and ended up taking a couple of bottles back to Armagh with me to drink at home this summer. I was attracted to the bottle and label design at first as it’s very pretty and caught my eye, but I was delighted it tasted so good. It’s really refreshing and I like to add a slice of orange rather than lime. Would definitely recommend to everyone especially if you are on holiday in Kerry.

  15. Peggy Donaldson

    My new favourite gin! Had it the first time last month in a pub in Killarney. We were there for a BikeFest. I told the bartender that I wanted a local gin and he brought me and my husband Muckross Wild Irish Gin and I was hooked!

  16. Mandy

    I picked this up out of curiosity in the duty-free section at Kerry airport, with absolutely no idea what my tastebuds were in for….it was the bottle that caught my eye first! I really have to say though, this is an exceptional gin, Love it!

  17. Hanna Culbertson

    This gin impressed me with its perfect blend of botanicals and its versatility for cocktails, . Beautiful bottle, maybe a little on the expensive side for gin but worth the every cent for a premium product in my opinion. A delightfully crafted Irish gem.

  18. Nicola Moran

    Gorgeous classic Irish gin. Tried it in Killarney at the weekend, it was a really popular gin that was recommended to us by the locals. Grabbed some in the duty-free at Kerry Airport on my way home to the UK.

  19. Shannon Coyle

    I was given a bottle of this gin recently as a gift. It’s really good, one of the best Irish gins on the market at the moment in my opinion and I have sampled quite a few. Will definitely be back to purchase when I need to top up.

  20. Sarah O’Shea

    Tried this gin at the Killarney Races at the weekend. Really nice gin, would definitely recommend it!

  21. Shona Murray

    Gorgeous gin. Really enjoyed trying it at the weekend in Killarney.

    One of the best Irish gins around.

  22. Stephen O’Shea

    This gin is amazing, I really recommend it. We have ordered it on line and enjoy it when we have a special occasion or on a Friday evening!!
    …….. nicest gin out there.

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